1 , 2 maybe 3 :)

So this morning my bike wouldn’t start (again!) Third time in a month! I made it out to the gym for 11:30 and I had to be there until 7 so I decided to do 3 workouts throughout the day. Why not right !

mobility drills – shoulders + hips
max pullups – 30 – I haven’t done them in a while – did 15 butterfly and 15 regular kipping
coach B warm up
skill transfer exercises with PVC + empty BB

Snatch experiment day 4
10 pwr sn @95
5 sq sn @ 95
3 @ 135
1 @ 155
5 x 1 @ 165 – really focusing on speed getting under the bar.

Chest to bar butterfly practice – working on it slowly, very hard to keep rhythm on them.

*1 hour rest*

quick mobility drills
row 500m
thrusters with empty BB

Thrusters @ 165lbs
muscle ups
= 6:39
This was pretty brutal. The trusters were really heavy. I managed to do the first set unbroken then broke up the 6 into 1+1+2+2 and the 3 was unbroken. I did 4 muscle ups straight in the first round then the rest were all 2s and 1s. Pretty tough WOD. I tried to rush my last muscle up and ended up failing on the dip twice which cost me 40 seconds. I have to learn to give myself the time to let my muscles be able to actually do the movement which is very difficult in the closing seconds.

* rest 2 1/2 hours *

mobility drills – hips hips and hips

3 rounds for time
21 ground to overhead @95lbs
50 squats

This was a pretty good one as well. I was def a bit fatigued from the previous 2 workouts which I felt a lot in the 2nd round but I was still able to push pretty good. I decided to do clean n jerks for all the reps as opposed to snatches to try and save my lower back a bit. I got through the first set unbroken and the second was 10 and 11 and the 3rd was broken up a bit. I maintained pretty good speed on the squats, they just burned!!!

I had a good 20 min stretching session at the end for cool down which I felt really good after.
Today was an awesome day working out for me and I look forward to many more to come.




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