2016 End


As another year comes to a close I look back on the photos and videos I’ve posted, the blogs I’ve written, the jumps I’ve done, and the unforgettable experiences I’ve had over the past twelve months.
This year was the first year in almost 10 that my main focus was on enjoying life fully and while there are always ups and downs I was able to handle the downs much easier than in previous years. I take that as meaning that I must be on track with being more true to myself.

“When your voice and vision on the inside is more profound than all the opinions on the outside, you’ve begun to master your life.” – Demartini 
Having no schedule, rarely knowing what day it is, and having no fixed plans beyond a couple of days brings me tremendous peace. I used to have entire days scheduled hour by hour, trips were planned months in advance, and I knew what the entire year would hold before it even started.
While there is benefit to all that my time was always spent waiting for something to come, and when it did, it would pass in a heart beat, and then I’d be back waiting for the next thing. Currently I just try and enjoy where I’m at, and let things unfold naturally. I still have goals, direction, desires, and plans, but I don’t let them control me, and I give myself the freedom to allow everything to change.
When I look at my ‘Year in review’ posts from previous years the theme always seems to remain the same. With each year that passes my life seems to drastically keep changing, yet I feel that it continues to get better. How is that possible?
I guess that I seem to gain a little more self awareness, and in turn, a little more control – and with no endgame in sight I will continue.

Some unforeseen circumstances lead me to be ‘stuck’ in Phoenix this month and while at first I was very conflicted about it, as usual, it all came full circle and I appreciated the time it gave me a lot.
I was getting up and going for a jump most mornings (first time doing solo cliff jumps which was fun), then eating breakfast and drinking coffee while reading, going to yoga, and spending time with friends. All the while living out of my car and having no one to answer to except myself. I would never have asked for the chain of events that occured to give me this time but I am still grateful for it and therein lies the blessing within the curse.

As I was writing this I really wanted to avoid cataloging what I did this past year but at the end of the day these posts are more for myself to look back on than anything else so here goes:
January – Did about 20 Wingsuit Skydives and decided I didn’t have the level of commitment to pursue it at this point in time. Went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Moab right after.
February – Got my Riggers Ticket, Opened up a Hostel for BASE Jumpers in Idaho, and started into a new relationship 🙂
March – hung around Idaho and worked a couple courses.
April – Went to see my girl in Canada and took a new jumper to Moab.
May – Road trip to Moab with some Auzzies
June-July – Stayed in Idaho getting the Hostel up and running full time and did a lot of jumping.
August – Went to Thailand and did Yoga Twice a day with one of my buddies.
September – Attended a jumping event in Malaysia that I had wanted to go to for years.
October – Road tripped around the country jumping with my lady
November – Went to Moab and Arizona with my buddies.
December – 3 weeks in AZ and 1 week in Idaho

Pretty fuckin good year if you ask me!

At the same time there is a lot of balance in there – getting fucked over by people, waking up in my car freezing, 2 of my friends died jumping, bunch of em got injured, some scary medical issues myself, and countless other things to battle against.

When persuing anything there are obstacles to navigate and your ability to do so determines where you end up. I choose to move forward constantly, and I accept everything that comes as a result of my choices.

This site has gone through many cycles of death and rebirth over the last seven years that it’s been active and once again it’s about to have another one.

Whats in store for 2017? – Lots of jumping, lots of travelling, lots of learning, lots of loving, and most important, lots of living.