Tenth: Waitin

After a crazy ten weeks we are finally at a point of resolution for now. As a result of my scans last week my team at the NIH has informed me that the tumor in my neck is stable, and has not gotten any bigger since my first scan just over two months ago. This is really good news 🙏❤️ They have recommended that I sit tight for now, and then return to them for a follow up scan in March.

Seeing as I am not in any discomfort, and don’t have any issues at the moment, they think this is the best strategy. If it has gotten any bigger in six months we will look at surgery, or radiation, but for now the risks are not worth it to me.

It’s only been 5 weeks since my heart procedure so I am still being extremely careful and keeping my activity level to a minimum. I have a follow up Echo cardiogram in four weeks. Assuming everything is good with that I will be able to go back to living my life as normal, at least for the next few months. Even though there is still a huge amount of uncertainty with what will come down the road I am very satisfied for now. I would never say I feel lucky, but I definitely feel very fortunate for things to have played out the way they have so far. The outpouring of love, support, and generosity I have received during all this has given me an entirely new outlook on life. I will do my best to cherish every day from here forward. This will be my final update on all this for now. Onward