Vemödalen: The Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done

I love this video – really got me thinking.

When I am travelling I love to people watch. Airports are great for this because you see such diversity. I look at people form all walks of life and imagine what their lives are like. Students setting off on their first big solo trip, loving couples, parents dealing with keeping their kids under control, Overweight people who need help taking their shoes off at security, People asleep on the floor, and everyone else. I’m constantly observing people.

While on the surface we can all look, and appear to behave very different I know that at our cores we are all the same. We all have things we like and dislike, we can all be caring and careless, and we all experience triumphs and tragedies in our lives. They are all just personified in different ways based on how we have chosen to allocate our time and energy and at the end of the day, but to the outside world none of it matters.

During a bus break the other day some kid started talking to me about his love for sports and was waffling on about the recent whatever game (I had already stopped listening and was planning my escape) and in the moment I was actually just looking at his behavior and how much he cared about what he was talking about – the content didn’t matter. I could have stood there and started talking to him about jumping and he would have likely had the same feeling I had. Everything is relative.

This is something I really try and get people to understand when I hear stuff like ‘my life isn’t nearly as exciting as yours’ , or some other variation of that. Your life is just as exciting, and it contains all the same emotions, and stresses as mine, they are just presented in different forms.

Someone waiting for a bus that’s late probably experiences the same level of frustration as I do waiting on a cliff for the wind to drop. We are both sitting there playing out all the ‘what if’ scenarios in our head – sure, the content, and consequences, are very different, but the stress we are dealing with internally is the same.

I have had the same psychical sensation prior to jumping as I have standing on a competition floor waiting for the 10secs to count down before starting a workout, before public speaking, firing an employee, etc. – It’s all the same, and having experienced all that, I am very aware of it.

I may seek that discomfort more than most as I believe that all accomplishments comes from that – feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Knowing something is going to be uncomfortable, and sometimes (a lot of the time) things don’t work out like you wanted them to. We all seek discomfort in different ways, and we choose how to deal with it differently but we all do it.

Do you sit there stressing out about the bus being late and how you might lose your job, then spiral down the worm hole of imagining how it’s going to effect everything in your life or do you start thinking of alternative options? Your answer to that question (or applying it to when anything goes unexpected in your life) probably says a lot about you.

We all tend to endure the difficult times when we know it’s worth it regardless of the outcome and when we make mistakes we often learn the most valuable lessons.

Regardless of weather we seek it consciously or not – our experiences are largely the same, but our choices with how to deal with those experiences are what ends up shaping who we are.

We are all fighting to express our individualism but the paradox is that it’s all kinda pointless. We are all the same.