A little discomfort

I forgot my lifting shoes, tape, and hand wraps today. All things that I usually use for a workout like this. Earlier in the day I had been telling one of my clients about ‘not developing crutches’ so when I realized I had forgotten everything I knew I needed to take some of my own medicine and just get on with it.

I was still feeling a little sore in the hips but nothing crazy and my left shoulder has been giving me problems since the Snatch Muscle Up workout I did the week before the competition. It seems to be bothering me less and less as time goes on but def something going on there.

20mins on the clock
3 Squat Clean + Jerks @185lbs
7 C2B Pullups

Got through everything without too much difficulty.
I did the majority of the sets as squat clean thrusters but reset and jerked a couple of them.
My hands were killing me after the first round and I thought they were going to rip so I went to 4+3 for every set after that.

Good workout.

rest 3 hours

40mins on the AD @easy pace. I wouldn’t even call what I was doing on this exercise. I was basically sitting on the bike by the door of the gym talking to anyone who walked past. Next week I’ll make this an actual workout and not an opportunity to fuck around.

Food of the Day
7am- 4 eggs, 3 pieces, bacon, blueberries
11:50am – 2 burger patties + sweet fries
3pm – PWO shake
3:30pm – 1/2 cobb salad
6:20 – 1/2 cobb salad
8:40pm – meatloaf + sweet pots




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