About me: 
: Born and raised in Ireland.
: Travelled  to New Zealand on a one way ticket when I was 22. Quit my ‘real job’ pretty quick and took a course in Personal Training.
: Worked at a gym in Auckland for 2 years and attained several National Qualifications.
: Got engaged at 23, and moved to Boston at 24.
: Started 3 different companies between 25 and 30 – one of them being a gym which I ended up running for almost 6 years.
: Sold the gym at 30 ,got divorced, moved to Idaho to BASE Jump full time and work at Snake River BASE Academy as an Instructor.
: Opened a Hostel for BASE Jumpers in Twin Falls at 31 – The BASEment.
: Started a BASE Gear company just before I turned 32 – BASEgear

I’m a huge believer in making your own way in life and not letting anything, or anyone, stand in your way. I firmly believe you can accomplish anything you want IF you want it bad enough. When you truly commit yourself to something doors start to open and my life is testimony to that. Actions always speak louder than words and I try to remind myself of that everyday.

About this site:
This site is a place for me to share ceratin aspects of my life. I’m often reluctant to post a lot of things on social media because of the unwanted attention it would generate (positive as well as negative). This site is a place where I can truly control everything and not worry so much about any judgement associated with it.
Thats one of the reasons I have comments disabled. If anything I post is beneficial to you that’s great, and if it’s not, that’s great too. You have the freedom to leave and never come back. I’m not posting anything on here for recognition. I know that some people will like this site and find it inspiring, and others will dislike it and get upset. Thats just the way of the world and I accept both sides of the judgement coin but don’t necessarily want either of them. I don’t care about people telling me I’m awesome, or telling me I’m an asshole – I will continue to do what I do regardless.
I like to write, make videos, pictures, and document cool stuf I do. I’m always working on some kind of project weather it be mental or physical. I’m obsessed with learning, and fascinated with human behavior.
I work through life struggles and write about the lessons I learn along the way. When I finish an edit, a blog post, a picture with a quote in it, or whatever, it’s extremely meaningful to me. Each piece of work is a representation of something I have worked out, accomplished, or whatever. The videos and pictiures capture moments, making them timeless, and my writtings capture my thoughts, also becoming timeless.
This site is simple, and it’s mine.

If anyone ever does want contact me for any reason I’m sure you will be able to figure out how.