Affiliate Adventures 2 – Casco Bay

So I went back to Casco Bay xfit this morning before leaving Maine. I managed to have a chat with the owner who is really cool.

They usually have a set warmup to go through but I just did my usual mobility drills and a few sets of pullups.

Clean and Jerk – For this one it was prescribed to do 3 x 1 but I just kept the weight light and kind of helped the guy I was sharing the bar with.

3 rounds for time
400m run
15 ring dips
10 SDHP @ 95


This was pretty killer. My legs were still in bits from the last week so the run pretty much owned me and ring dips are my biggest weakness so I got owned by them as well. The high pulls weren’t too bad and probably could have been a little heavier.

I really like showing up to the place and not knowing what I am going to do. It gives me a taste of what the clients truly feel when they walk in the door and I think I need to do it more.
At Casco Bay they had an extra bit of work at the end after a little rest.
max double unders in 2 mins – 108
rest 2 mins
max wallball in 2 mins – 43
By the time we got to the wall balls I didn’t really care about them as my legs were just done but it was and awesome workout all in all. I’m looking forward to training there again in a few weeks.

Stretching for cool down




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