buy gabapentin online canada June was a whirlwind of a month. I spent the first 10 days in Spain with my family, then a week or so in Washington, then back to Twin. I completely fell off my flow on getting a video out for various reasons. While I love filming I was still kinda recovering from an injury and instead of forcing myself to go out and do certain things for footage I decided to just chill and take it easy.

go I’m hoping to be back on track for July.

follow I did manage to finally finish this edit I’ve been working on for six months or so. The message in it is kinda dark and I only really worked on it at times I was feeling down for some reason. I guess as time goes on this life seems to get harder and harder and I’m more and more aware of the things I sacrifice in order to live it full time. This video is a representation of that. In one sense I’m living the dream doing what I love but there is also a dark side to it where I am constantly wondering if I’m wasting my life away. It can all change for the worse in a heart beat and I grow more and more aware of that every day.

Having said that my desire to keep playing still far outweighs the negatives that come from the pursuit so as long as it stays that way I will continue. The things I have had the privilege of experiencing (good and bad) over the last few years are things that the majority of the world will never understand and for that I am eternally grateful.

For those that jump no explanation is necessary, and for those that don’t no explanation is possible.