April EP04/12

Annnnnnd another one down.

This month was a little all over the place for me mentally. Between the Hostel, My Store, the school, and trying to get some fun jumps in myself it was all action. A couple of shitty things happened over the month and I allowed myself to get overwhelmed by a bunch of trivial things but thats life.

Even though I’m doing what I love and wouldn’t trade my current situation for anything, it can still be stressful. Bills need to be paid, responsibilities need to be met, and there is always a sea of people pulling you in different directions. Staying true to yourself requires a lot of discipline and this month I slipped.

I really dislike when people try and put themselves out there by being overly positive and pretend that their life is a fantasy. Life is about balance. You have to be able to take the ups with the downs and embrace both of them. The only way you really know if you are cut out for what you are doing is if you are able to weather the storm when things are shit.

Anyways, now that that’s out of the way what else is there?

Got to celebrate Nichelle’s 100th jump last week which was really cool. We had planned on doing a waterfall for it for a while and ended up waiting 2 days while she was here in order to have the best conditions for it. Doing jumps like that which require a lot of planning is always really rewarding. I really enjoy breaking down every component of the jump and trying to make it all go smooth. Nailing everything perfectly is pretty much impossible but thats all part of the quest right?

The goal is to be perfect but also to understand that you will never get there – once again it’s the clique ‘all about the journey’

Whats coming next month? More BASE Jumping around here and not much else hahaha.