August EP08/12

This month sparked the beginning of a rollercoaster.

Couple courses at the start of the month then went to Washington for a couple of weeks. My buddy got married on the 19th so that was the main purpose of the trip but we made it into a jumping trip as well. I’ve heard a lot about jumps up there for a long time so it was cool to finally get to see some of them.

I’ve pretty much been stuck in Idaho for the last 7 months so getting out for a bit was badly needed. 7 months in Twin doing a lot of jumping was awesome but I’m done practicing so much so a while and I’m ready to get out and test myself and jump some new stuff. I’m really excited for all the experiences to come over the next few months that I have no idea are going to happen but they will become moments I will remember forever I’m sure.

As soon as myself and Jake jumped in the car I felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted from me. I didn’t give a fuck where we were going as long as it was away from Twin.

In no particular order:

I did my 800th jump right after the Eclipse which was pretty cool – The jump itself wasn’t anything special – Go n Throw off a bridge but doing it at that time was sweet. A bunch of us (5 I think) were all standing on the bridge and there was a weird energy in the air – very eery.

JP’s wedding – It was a fun day but I got drunk way too early and ended up in bed by 10pm #fail

Jumping in Washington – makes me appreciate how awesome having the bridge is but also makes me appreciate each jump outside of Twin even more. Jumping in ‘the real world’  is a lot more difficult. When you have to work for a jump by gaining access, climbing, or waiting days for the winds to get good adds so much more to the experience. Coupled with driving for hours and hours, living out of your car, and being in extremely confined quarters with people with no escape really makes you value your friends. The chats you have and the places you get to within those chats during an 8hr+ plus drive together cannot be matched.

I got to do some beautiful jumps as well as scare the fuck outta myself a few times, mostly on my double gainer within the video above. Aside from me planning that particular jump for almost a week, having a close to sleepless night before and all the stress of thinking about it over and over during the hike.

If anyone has ever seen my doubles that one looks nothing like them haha. The exit was blind and I had to jump out pretty far which resulted in me sacrificing rotation for separation. I opened up too early and ended up spinning pretty slow. I knew I was going to eventually come around and I had the altitude so I just stayed relaxed and waited for pitch time. Very proud of myself for not freaking out and it all went sweet 🙂 I can’t even begin to explain the elation I felt after that jump. It’s been a long time since I was that scared and had that level of focus. Constantly questioning everything on the hike, while gearing up, and then when I stood on the exit everything melted away. I live for those moments. Pure Zen.

I will def be coming back up here in the near future!

This month marked some death and rebirth within my life and I’m excited to grow into my new situation.

Next month? – CHINA