Awful Day

I had the early shift this morning at the gym and it started off the worst way possible. Whatever way the light from my phone hit my eyes as I first opened them it trigged a migraine. 4:30am in the morning. Pretty much nothing I could do about it. I took some imigran which are meds that usually kill it within 40mins or so. Got to CRAIC and it was showing no signs of letting up. I tried to run the 5:30 class without letting anyone know what was going on but they all probably thought I was tired vs what was actually going on. I puked twice during the class and again during the 6:30. I told the 6:30 and 7:30 what was going on cause I felt terrible.

Really rough couple of hours. Got home to bed and pretty much didn’t move for the rest of the day. Even now as I type this it hurts when I turn too quick or get up too fast. I’m grateful I only have to deal with these twice a year or so.

Food of the Day
10am – sweet pots and turkey
3pm – chicken + sweet pots
6pm – apple + almond butter
8pm – 4 eggs




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