Back in the game

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Back in the game today after almost a week of not training. I was starting to feel lazy so it good to be back. I was happy to just have strength work on the cards today coupled with a rest day tomorrow to ease by into things.

A) Deadlift @3010 – 5@165lbs, 205lbs, 225lbs, 275lbs, 315lbs – resting 2:30 between sets

These were all pretty tough. Sticking to tempo on anything makes it a lot harder anyways.

B) Power Clean – 3@225lbs, 3@245lbs, 2@265lbs, 2@275lbs -fail, 1@280lbs (tied current PR), failx2 @ 285lbs – 3min rest between sets

I can’t expect to PR my first day back lifting but I still wanted to :). The bar was a little far out from me today and from the looks of the video it seems like I’m going around my knees instead of getting them out of the way. I really don’t want to develop this habit so I’m gonna drill the shit out of it in warmups over the next few days. Also as the weight gets heavy I am almost doing a split clean. I really don’t like this. Same as above for my solution.

C) Close Grip Bench – @50×0 – 8@135lbs, 8@140lbs, 6@155lbs, 6@175lbs – 2min rest between sets

These were tough. I feel like I should be a lot stronger on these but it’s hard to tell when you are doing things at tempo. I guess the purpose is nothing to do with the weight, its more to make sure you get the dose response. I almost failed on my very last rep of the workout so I guess my selection was perfect.

D) Shoulder Press – 5@95lbs, 4@115lbs, 3@135lbs, 2@145lbs, 1@155lbs – 3mins rest between sets

I hate Shoulder Press – prob more than running! I think that my pressing strength is no where near where it should be for someone of my size. I think it’s strange that my PR SP is only 175lbs but I can Jerk 305 (after cleaning it). That comes down to a speed thing and I am definitely faster than I am strong as I am learning more and more as time goes on.

Food of the Day
6am – 3 pieces bacon, 4 eggs, banana
11am – 2 burger patties + asparagus + almonds
3:30pm – PWO shake – 40g protein, 20g sugar, 5g BCAA’s
5pm- steak tips + sweet potato fries
6:20pm – 2 burger patties + asparagus
8pm – roasted veggies + some almonds




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