Back into it

First session back into training today and it was a good one! warmup
mobility work + some stretching

buy Lyrica online overnight Back Squat
10 @ 45lbs
10 @ 95lbs
10 @ 135lbs
5 @ 185lbs
3 @ 225lbs
1 @ 255 , 275lbs , 300lbs , 315lbs , 325lbs
Pretty happy with this. My previous PR on this was 300lbs which I did last December and considering I’ve done maybe 2 back squat workouts since then I’m glad that it is naturally moving up from me doing other stuff.

buy gabapentin online forum Push Press 5×5
135lbs , 155lbs , 185lbs , 200lbs , 205lbs
I’m not sure what my previous PR on this one was but 205 is def a max for me at the moment.

rest 3 or 4 mins

100 pullups for time:

This was ok. I think I could def have gotten sub 6 but it just wasn’t in me today.
Good WOD though seeing as I have never done it before.

Stretching for cool down.




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