BALANCE | September 2018

For the past three years going to Malaysia to jump the KL Tower has been my main priority. As soon as the events is announced and I get accepted I book my flight and figure out how to make it work afterwards. 

Before I started BASE I used to dream about attending the event and to now have gone three times is pretty fuckin cool. Each year it seems like it’s taken more sacrifice for me to make it out there but it’s always been worth every second, and every penny. I am super grateful to be able to continue to do what I love constantly and my main goal is to never take things for granted. 

Knowing so many people this year, and just being very introverted in general, I was socially drained a lot of time but again —> Worth every second. I love seeing all my friends and making new ones. So many great moments that I will cherish. I know I’ve said this a few times before but I have to pinch myself constantly that this is my life. 

Fuckin LOVE it!!!

The three videos below show a lot of the month and I’m pretty happy with them. Even with the three below I still have a fuck ton of unused stuff that I hope to get through before the end of this month. In Septembers vid I did a few new things that I was psyched to play with and I’m hoping to continue that flow moving forward.