Bay State Games 2010

So I took first place in the competition today!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!

Where do I even begin?
To start with it was a really long day! Weigh inns were at 11am and I weighed in at 85.4kg/186lbs The weight classes split at 85 and the guy told me I had 30 mins if I wanted to go loose the 0.4kg so I could then compete at the top of my weight class as opposed to the bottom of the next weight class up. I thought about it for all of about 2 mins and decided to just stay at the bottom of the next one up. I wasn’t really in the mood to go for a run or jump rope for 30 mins so …..
I was completely oblivious as to how to structure my warm up and how long to give myself as I am used to lifting by myself and taking things at my own pace. I asked a few of the more experienced lifters for some advice and I was then introduced to Ben (wish I had gotten his last name) who I pretty much owe my win to.
I had no concept on how long to give myself to actually get ready etc so he pretty much told me ‘when this guy finishes his rep do 3 at this weight’ and so on.
The main thing I learned from the day is how important having a coach is no matter what level you are at.

So my lifts went like this:
Snatch – I opened with 84kg/185lbs which I made with little difficulty. I then jumped to 90kg/200lbs which is my current PR but missed my next 2 attempts with it.

Clean + Jerk – I opened with 110kg/245lbs then went 115kg/255lbs which was my PR and I finished with 117kg/258lbs setting a new PR !!!! Everyone of these felt very difficult. As my coach told me I have a lot to work on technique wise.

My total for the day was 201kgs which gave me the win by a kilo or two.

Awesome experience and I’m hoping to continue working oly training into my routine more frequently and to compete again in the future.




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  1. great job, john! and congrats to your videographer! i’m glad you posted something to watch on your blog. and big high five for a new PR with the last clean and jerk. way to go!

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