Crazy storm hit Boston last night. Pretty much everyone I know in the area was snowed in and had to spend hours shoveling.

My first true experience of ever being in snow was 2009 when I moved to America so I don’t have much comparison but this is def the worst I’ve seen.

I just moved home a couple weeks ago. I’m not about a 4min drive from CRAIC which is awesome. I’m close to everything but still pretty secluded (best of both worlds).

Our place is very difficult to access and the road leading to it still hasn’t been plowed (even now as I write this Sunday morning).

I hiked down to the main road in the morning with my dog and it took about 20mins to get there. I decided to then go to workout and open the gym for the die hards to get in as well. I managed to get a ride back to the bottom of my street afterwards which was good.

A) Clean + Jerk – Build to a max

– wasn’t feeling it today. Air Squats during my warmup were actually burning so I didn’t  have very high expectations.

Worked up to 275lbs and called it there. I almost failed the squat and barely locked out the jerk. I usually don’t video anything under 275lbs anymore unless its just for technique review so I didn’t even turn the camera on.


5min AMRAP
Squat Clean + Jerk @165lbs
=33 reps

1 more than in 2011. I did singles the whole way. I gave it a pretty solid effort but at the same time I didn’t go after it like I would on Game Day. I didn’t come close to failing on any reps. If anything slowed me down it was breathing.

– I was supposed to have AM, PM sessions today but cause of the weather I only got one in. I was dedicated to make it in but not ‘that’ dedicated 😉

Back in tomorrow to hit 7min AMRAP of burpees again – I’ve got Dale to go against so I’m sure that will motivate me.

Food of the Day
9am – eggs, bacon, sweet pots
1pm – chicken breast + squash
5pm – PWO shake
8pm – veggie chips




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