Blue Skies – Jumps 9 + 10

Surprisingly I felt really good this morning. My back was still a little tight and my quads were aching a bit but nothing jumping out of a plane couldn’t fix!

I was eating breakfast editing some photos and Sara said to me ‘Are you nervous?’- without even thinking I replied ‘no’ and as soon as the word left my mouth it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. For the next 3 hours I had crazy anxiety and couldn’t shake it. Every time any negative thought tried to sneak into my head I quickly blacked them out but that feeling stayed with me right up until I got all my gear together at the drop zone.

My first jump today was pretty straight forward. I had to exit myself and when in free fall I had to fly towards my coach and dock with her twice.
Going up in the plane I felt really calm – even when the door is open I’m now able to just sit there and the in the view. Nothing else in the world seems to even exist in those moments other than the present and I think that is another one of the things that draws me back here day after day. My thoughts have shifted from ‘I can’t believe I’m gonna jump out there’ to ‘I can’t wait to be out there!’

The jump went went – exit was a little shaky again but I did everything I needed to do. It’s weird that now I am getting more and more comfortable with free fall I am getting more and more nervous when flying the canopy.
Today I had to do something really scary which is called a stall. You basically pull on the breaks all the way which causes the canopy to drop behind you a bit, then you ease up on the breaks and it dips forwards. Hard to explain but basically you end up swinging from the bottom.
I had the whole jump on video but I forgot one of the files during a transfer. I’ll upload it later in the week.

Level 5 – PASS

Next jump was pretty much the same thing and I’m kinda pissed that this one is the video I have as it wasn’t as good. It was pretty much the exact same jump except I had to do a couple more fancy turns under canopy.

Regardless it was amazing as always and I am getting more and more addicted to it. I have never experienced anything in life that can match those 50 secs when you are falling through the air and I don’t think I ever will…… until I start base jumping 😉

Level 6 – PASS

Officially this was jump 9+10 for me but its only 5+6 of the course.

Food of the Day
6am – left over salad from last night + strawberries, blueberries and almond butter
11am – turkey jerky, apple + some almonds
2pm- jerky + almonds
4pm – jerky + almods
7pm – steak tips + sweet potatoes




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