So as if I didn’t have enough going on right now my website was hacked. While the support peeps were attempting to back up and restore everything all my content was erased. 11 years of memories gone.

After three phone calls to my hosting provider trying to sort it out I just told the guy to set me up with a new one and I would start over. At the end of the call he said ‘Mr McEvoy, I really admire admire your patience. You’ve been so calm about all this. Thank you for being so understanding’ – I told him that I’m getting used to bad news and while losing 11 years of content is unfortunate, I have much bigger problems to deal with at the moment.

Anyways, this is my new site, fresh, and clean. I will probably start building it out gradually and dig back to see if I can locate any of my old content but right now this is it.