CHANGES | August 2018 |

I went through a lot of changes this month (some of which I’m not going to mention here)

Went to visit one of my buddies for a bit in AZ and goddamn I forgot how much I love that place. Even at 110 degrees I can’t help but think that part of me belongs out there. At the same time I like to go to places I love and experience all the things I love for short periods vs over exposing myself to it and then finding fault (says the guy whose committed his life to BASE haha)
I’ve been going to AZ a few times a year for the last 6 years or so. Before I was jumping one of my gym mentors, and personal coach, ran courses in Phoenix so I was flying out for a bit every winter to escape the cold on the East Coast.
I’ve always loved the heat, even when it’s so hot that you just wanna be inside. I will take that extreme any day of the week vs the opposite.

I bought a new van 🙂 It’s a significant upgrade from my minivan and I’m beyond psyched that I actually own this thing now. I’m going to make some videos about the build out process but I’m likely just going to put together a bunch of videos and put out one when it’s done vs doing it stage by stage. That way there is no lag time and besides that it’s going to take a long time before it’s done as I’m basically zero’d after the purchase.

I fuckin quit Nicotine!!! This has been a battle for me for YEARS and I’m beyond relieved that I can announce this somewhat publicly. I smoked cigis for 7 years or so when I was a kid (16-22), managed to quit for almost 10 years, started vaping (for no real reason) almost 4 years ago and I got badly hooked on that. For anyone thats known me for the last 4 years you’ll prob remember that I always had that fuckin thing in my hand.
Anyways, a couple of months ago I decided to quit by smoking cigis again as it’s easier to quit something that tastes and smells disgusting vs something that smells like candy watermelon.
I used Alan Carr’s book to quit and I can’t recommend it enough. Anyone who starts it read it cover to cover and if your psychology around smoking doesn’t change then I feel bad for the trap you will likely never escape.
I think I’m about 10 days completely clean (also quit alcohol but thats more of a break vs quitting) – I’m not keeping track of how many days exactly because I don’t care. What I care about is that I’m off em and I honestly haven’t had a craving since I put out my last one.
I don’t know why I’m posting about this here. It’s something I’ve been somewhat embarrassed about for the last few years as I like to think of myself as a healthy guy and to have this horrible addiction controlling my life was really difficult. Everywhere I went I needed to have the vape, juice, charger, etc with me at all times.
It was always looming in the back of my head but now it’s done 🙂 I’m back on the health train.

Anyways, this months vid was a fun one to make. I say this months but it was actually just 10 days of the month haha. It was nice being out of Twin and to have some more variety in jumps. I’m also very happy about how comfortable I am doing fronts off cliffs now. I love my personal cycle with stuff of train train train –> go test myself , then come back for more training. I hope to continue this process for a long time as I feel like it aids in my progression and keeps me current as fuck.
I love summers in Twin but the time is coming for me to be out of here for the rest of the year pretty much.
I’m leaving for Malaysia on Sep 14th (can’t fuckin wait btw) so I’m not sure if I’ll make a short bridge edit leading up to then or if I’ll just have Sibu and KL be Septembers vids, hmmmm, actually, just had an idea – nevermind 🙂