December EP12/12

I moved to Cali this month to get away from the cold for a bit. Being injured, and having no courses for the next couple of months in Twin I figured I may as well be somewhere warm and James was kind enough to give me a ride down here. When you are in a tough spot you really learn who your true friends are.

At the end of each calendar year I always like to look back and debrief myself on how things went – Was I more of an asshole than usual?, did I accomplish what I wanted to?, did I waste a lot of time?, did I help people out?, do I feel like I’ve grown as a human?, etc. I use this little debrief to reflect on the year and set some goals for the upcoming one. Equally I don’t set resolutions for the year, more give myself some ¬†benchmarks to aim for.

This year making at least one video a month added a whole new element to this as when I watch the videos back and going through the mountain of footage I have I’m reminded of some amazing moments over the year as well as some terrible ones. Thats what I ultimately love about video. Each clip from every edit represents a different moment, some are as plain as they seem but others have a lot of memories attached to them and usually the only people who appreciate this fully are the ones who were there during those moments. And as if that wasn’t enough sentimental bullshit for one paragraph heres a little more – Capturing those moments are more important to me than anyone else.

As a whole I would say that this year has been one of the most challenging of my life to date for various reasons that I’m not going to post on the internet. I try to be as transparent as possible on here but there are certain things I don’t want published either. Equally if you have spent anytime with me this year you will prob have listened to me complaining about certain things and know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s extremely difficult to make a living from BASE jumping and now being two years deep I can really feel it. You have to constantly be hustling and there are some dark times. Unless you are in it trying to make ends meet you really have no idea — “living the dream” is just that – a dream. Having said that I much prefer to exist not knowing when I’m going to get paid again or how much it will be than selling my soul 40hrs a week to have a couple of trips a year.

With that in mind I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that has bought something off me this year – in person or through my store – I try to be as helpful as possible to all my customers and you guys are all the reason I am able to keep going.

Watching highlight reels is always cool and it’s easy to think everything is sunshine and rainbows but when you look behind the scenes what you find is just as much heart ache and challenge as any other pursuit in life.

For 2018 I have a lot of ideas in the air but at the moment I’m focussed on getting my body healthy again and getting back to jumping as soon as possible.

As far as my monthly videos go I’m going to double down and start to make two videos a month. I’ve actually had a bunch of people I know start similar video projects over this part year and for whatever reason they all stopped doing them (I didn’t ask any of em why) but when looking at my own situation instead of getting burned out doing it this year I’ve become more inspired to continue vs abandoning things.

So for next year I’m going to up the anti and say I’m going to do at least¬†two videos per month.

When you create anything and put it out there for the world to see there is always going to be that fear of being judged but fuck it and fuck those people. I’m not doing any of this for a pat on the back. I’m doing it because I enjoy doing it.

See you soon.