Neverland | Feb 2018 |

Spent all of Feb in Thailand with Nichelle. I’ve been saying for years I wanna get out of the cold for Feb and I finally made it happen.

We bounced around a decent amount and stayed in 9 different places between Bangkok, Pattaya, Tonsai, and Krabi. It was a lot of moving around but totally worth it. We are still here until the 5th then its back to Seattle for a while.

This was my third trip to Thailand and each time I seem to love it a little more. I love the food, the relaxed nature of everything, and of course the weather.

The jumps here are amazing as well. I feel like we had a nice balance between jumping and chilling and this is a great place for both.

My vid this month is a much diff style than usual, more of a travel video than a jumping one but I like it. Every month is different and it takes a lot of work editing on the fly here and there but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like I’m off to a really good start this year and I’m gonna keep the flow going.

I have so much unused footage (43 gb) from the trip that I’m probably going to make some shorter ones here and there as there was a lot of cool shit I have to dig through.

My back is pretty much 100% now. I’ve started doing aerials again and haven’t had any pain so I’m psyched about that. It was a shitty couple months being on the sidelines but many of my friends are much worse off with injuries so I am very, very grateful.