FULL CIRCLE | December 2018

This month began with me starting a 5 day a week job and as a result I completely half assed this months edit. I was hoping to finish out this project strong but I just wasn’t very motivated.  At the same time it’s not like I have anyone to answer to except myself 🙂

Fuckin awesome year over all. Filled with ups and downs as usual but overall I have to say I’m pretty happy with how life is at the moment. There seems to be never-ending uncertainty with the path I’ve chosen but at least that is consistent! 

Seeing as I am going to be working a decent amount over the next few months I’m gonna chill on the monthly edits for now. Making them every month is pretty stressful trying to make sure I get good shots and all that so I’m gonna just let them happen when they happen from now on vs having a schedule to maintain. Having said all that I’m pretty stoked to have made it two years! I’m pretty confident in saying I’m the only BASE Jumper in the world to ever accomplish such a feat hahaha. #selfprops

I’ve no giant plans for 2019 other than to continue spending money faster than it comes in and to have an awesome time doing so!