Get low

working on Front Squats today.
I think I did something to my shoulder on Sunday as it was a little sore yesterday and today (100 PP’s yesterday didn’t help) so I decided to lay off it a little.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked strictly on Front Squats and a recent video in the journal inspired me to do them.

Front Squat
10 @ 135, 185
5 @ 225 , 235 , 245 , 255 , 265
3 @ 275

I’m pretty happy with these numbers seeing as back in October I could barely do 1 rep at 275 so this is a nice indicator to me that I’m still getting stronger.

So after I got home I got a txt from Bill about this throwdown in CT this Sunday. I didn’t need much motivating to sign up so this Sunday I’ll be venturing down to CT to give it everything I have. I like that there has been no build up to this for me as its 3 days away.
It’ll be good to be exposed to that competitive environment again and I’ll be able to see what some of the competition is like for opens this year.

All I know about the events is what they posted on their website a few months back

“The throwdown will feature 1 named wod,1 Olympic lift event,1 powerlift event and 1 endurance event.”

I have no idea if the powerlifting and oly part will be in a WOD format or what but regardless I’ll show up and give it my best shot.





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