Gravity | March 2018 |

Back in the US. First week or so was pretty fucked cause Nich came home from Thailand with Dengue fever. If you haven’t heard of it look it up. Pretty horrible to say the least.

Spent the rest of the month in the PNW bouncing around seeing friends and doing some jumps. I’m probably going to be relocating up there in May. It’s a beautiful part of the country with tons of jumps and places to explore so I think it’s going to keep me busy and happy for a while.

It’s been really cool bouncing around between different areas and hanging out with locals the past few months. People who just have their normal lives and sprinkle in some BASE when they can. All on their own individual missions, none of them necessarily right or wrong. It can be hard for me bouncing around all the time as I never really feel like I’m at home but thats the path I’m currently on. Since September I haven’t spent any longer than a month anywhere which has been really refreshing considering I was stranded in Twin for the prior ten months. As hard as it can be at times I love being on the move.

I’m going to be in Twin for most of April. Working a few courses and have some loose ends to tie up there afterwards.