March EP03/12

The weather is warming up, I’ve had a few days I can be barefoot and in shorts so things are looking good.

This month was a fucking good one – we had a couple of courses in Twin which went really well, I got to see my lady, and I got to take a few guys to MOAB. I love being able to share that place with new people.

I made 5 videos this month – 2 VLOGS , an edit from MOAB, my Third Year of BASE Edit, and an AD for the School.

This little project has been great so far cause it’s forcing me to get more and more creative and I love making videos so hopefully I can keep it rolling.

I’ve been really thinking about trying to take on a new sport to balance things out a little because when the weather is bad I end up feeling shit about everything but I don’t have the commitment to anything else right now, just fleeting interests here and there.

Anyways – another month in the bag. The drone footage I’ve been getting is so beautiful – I love being able to capture such different perspectives of landscapes as well as jumps and this is only the beginning. My baby is always gonna be with me – as long as it doesn’t get attacked by pigeons again – then I’m out.

I made this AD for the school which I’m really proud of. I had the song and the layout in my head for months but didn’t have the variety of footage I wanted until now.


“Don’t worry about what your job is going to be… Do things that you are interested in, and if you do them really well, you’re going to find a way to temper them with some good business opportunity.” Chris Young

“Those we are offended easily should be offended more often.” Mae West