Uncertainty | May 2018 |

I called this months edit UNCERTAINTY as it’s the name of the game. I’m still recovering from my back injury and I’m unsure how long it’s gonna be until I’m back fully. I did some jumps here n there but I’m being very selective and careful.

Anyways, soooooo much driving, scouting,┬ádriving, waiting, and more driving. Putting this together was extremely challenging this month. Every month I seem to go through a phase of panic thinking that it’s gonna turn out shit but they always seem to come together at the last min. I’ve said it time and time again – The song makes the edit and dictates the pace.

So many of the moments we experience are lost and I love being able to immortalize them through video.

I’m in Spain at the moment for a couple of weeks to celebrate my moms 70th and my brothers 40th. No rig.