May EP05/12

Big Big month. Almost didn’t post anything because we were so busy at the school that I had very little free time from the 9th on but here it is. I know that I could easily miss a month and have no one to answer to except myself but I want to finish out this project for the year.

Because I was in such a rush to get out of Twin yesterday I ended up just throwing together a bunch of clips from the courses and just left the raw files so theres a lot of Broll. It kinda gives a little bit of insight into our courses but at the same time there is a lot between the lines so hopefully no one thinks anything stupid after watching this video – If you have questions just ask 🙂

It’s funny how sometimes I complain to myself about how busy things get around here but then when things are quiet I miss the chaos. As busy, and as sleep deprived as I was I loved every minute of things this month. I feel like I’m really starting to settle into Idaho and truly enjoying my life there.

700th jump this month! Another victory lap 🙂 I did my first Double Gainer of the year for it which was terrifying because I was running a course and did it after I put off all the students. I usually don’t like doing aerials in front of people just learning because I feel it sets a bad example BUT I did it anyways hahaha.

Hard to believe it’s been 700 already. Although I am a lot more comfortable these days I am still scared on every jump. I hope that never changes.

On my way to England now for 10 days or so then back to Twin. We don’t really have anything going on until July so it will be nice to just enjoy fun jumping the bridge for a few weeks without having any schedule.
Summer is here and I am happy!