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Tough workout today from a physical standpoint. There are so many different ways to push yourself in training I sometimes forget about some of them.

-Theres that dark place mentally where everything hurts and you know the end is near so you just don’t let up and grind through it.
-Theres the feelings of self doubt that you try to block out and replace with positive affirmations when you are about to try a new one rep max on something.
-Then theres the feelings of burning in your muscles and the uncertainty of weather or not you are going to be able to finish the set.

Comparisons like this can be made to WOD’s, weightlifting, running, or pretty much any physical activity. Today it was the 3rd example above that I got to.

A1) Back Squat 5×5 – did all sets @275lbs – had thoughts of doing 315 before I started the workout but my legs weren’t feeling it today
rest 10seconds
A2) 15 unbroken C2B pullups – 3rd set I only got 8reps – everything else unbroken
rest 4 mins

B) BB split Squats @31×1 6-8 x 3 w 1 min rest between legs. Rear foot elevated – bar in front rack
I had never done these before so really didn’t know what to expect. Single leg/arm training is a highly neglected aspect of strength training in my opinion. I’m one to talk as I haven’t done it personally or prescribed it for anyone in over 2 years. Now that I’ve been exposed to it maybe it will start to appear in peoples programming a little more frequently

I was a little ambitious on the first set and did 135lbs which crushed me. I barely made 6 reps and I knew that the next two would be close to impossible to try and maintain form and tempo so I dropped the weight to 95lbs for the 2nd set and 115lbs for the third.

C) Powell Raises @30×0 – 8-10 x 3 – rest 1 min between arms
Did all sets at 15lbs – felt good

Food of the Day
7am – 5 eggs, apple + almond butter
11am – sausage + almonds
2pm – chicken cobb salad
4pm – 2 burger patties + sweet fries
8:30pm – beek satay, BBQ chicken, ribs + crisy rolls




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