October EP10/12

I posted this pic just before I left Malaysia and while it is true there is always a flip side to everything. I feel like I’m constantly trying to balance peoples perspectives on the way my life is. I guess it’s easy to assume that everything is always awesome when you flick through highlight videos and only see that side of it. And in the same breath I don’t help people by posting things like the above hahaha.

Yes I get to jump a lot living the life I do BUT it comes with a heavy price. As an example while I was away for the past couple of months I got evicted from my home. I’m not going to get into too much detail here because I don’t know who will read this but in short I arrived back to all my belongings in black bags in a storage unit and nowhere to live. Once again, Tom has been generous enough to have my back and its allowing me to crash at his place for a while.

Living in Twin has been amazing. I feel like for the past two years I have been in BASE School. My knowledge, and progression within jumping have evolved beyond what I would have ever imagined in such a short time and for that I am extremely grateful. I am also proud of myself for making sacrifice after sacrifice in order to navigate the storm of life while living here. Now that I don’t have anywhere to live semi permanently (and I’m not willing to get a ‘real job’ any time soon in order to pay rent somewhere) it’s left me in a state of confusion. I am pretty much free to go anywhere and do anything I want. My problem at the moment is figuring out what that is hahaha.

I have plans to be out of Twin as much as possible over the coming months so there won’t really be any drastic changes until around March next year.

Next month I’m in Twin for a course and then a few days getting Nichelle’s brakes set before we go to MOAB for Turkey 🙂