Open WOD 2

Of course the other night 8pm comes and no workout appears. I was sitting there like an idiot refreshing the page every 10 seconds. I need to practice being more patient in the coming weeks.

Anyways the WOD was announced and instead of hitting it yesterday I thought I’d give it a day and view how some of the scores were coming in. the top in the world is 15 + at the moment I think but I thought that hitting ten would be pretty solid.

In terms of strategy on this my plan was to get through the Deads and Box Jumps unbroken and rest when I started hitting failure on the pushups.

I figured out that in order to hit 10 rounds I needed to keep my time on each round to 1:30 or under.

Before I went out to Needham to do the WOD I timed myself on 1 round and it took me 50 seconds. I knew the pushups were going to go to shit fast so my plan initially was to go as fast as possible in the beginning and gain as much time in the bank as possible to account for my shitty push ups.

Erik went first this time which was good to watch. He stayed pretty consistent the whole way through and finished with an impressive 10 rds + 9 reps.

15min AMRAP
9 Deadlifts @ 155
12 Pushups with hand release at the bottom
15 Box Jumps @ 24″

I finished with 10rds +2reps.

The WOD was horrible as usual. Sara told me I did my first round in 49seconds which was probably much to fast. On the box jumps in the second round I honestly wanted to quit. My mind started fucking with me but I knew I had to stay in it. I had a judge, as well as Erik and Sara coaching me so there was no turning back. Once I got into the middle of the 5th I had a grove and just tried to keep moving.
My plan on the deads and box jumps worked. I think I paused maybe twice on the box jumps and I missed one rep but other than that they were fine.
The clock at needham was broken so I wasn’t able to gauge how long each round was taking me but I think it was for the better because as I got deeper into it I kept going as hard as I could cause I thought I wouldn’t make 10.

The pushups ruined me and I was doing 1’s for a lot of the later rounds. Fuck Pushups!!!!

Anyways I’m happy with my score and hopefully it’ll pull me back up in the rankings a little.




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