September EP09/12 – China

Still a little over a week to go this month but I decided to spilt the month into two posts/edits seeing as Sibu and KL kinda warrant it. The video is super short for a few of reasons. 1- I still have a fuck ton of footage but it’s mostly b roll and I didn’t … 


Addicted to Freedom

I will be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with freedom. I’m addicted to it. Because I chase it so much and continuously change my life in order to get it I actually become constrained in many ways. I choose it over money, comfort, relationships, pretty much everything. I get constrained … 


Choose your Sacrifice

What ever we pursue in life we have to pay for it. The higher you want to rise the more it costs. There is a deep message within this video  


August EP08/12

This month sparked the beginning of a rollercoaster. Couple courses at the start of the month then went to Washington for a couple of weeks. My buddy got married on the 19th so that was the main purpose of the trip but we made it into a jumping trip as well. I’ve heard a lot … 


July EP07/12

Not much to say this month. Lots of ups n downs. Next month the real fun starts.