Choose your Sacrifice

What ever we pursue in life we have to pay for it. The higher you want to rise the more it costs. There is a deep message within this video  


August EP08/12

This month sparked the beginning of a rollercoaster. Couple courses at the start of the month then went to Washington for a couple of weeks. My buddy got married on the 19th so that was the main purpose of the trip but we made it into a jumping trip as well. I’ve heard a lot … 


July EP07/12

Not much to say this month. Lots of ups n downs. Next month the real fun starts.


June EP06/12

Crazy to think that we are half way through the year already. Life just ticks on by without us noticing. Meditating on that inspires me more and more to make each day count and fill it with things I like to do even if that means being lazy some mornings and sleeping in late. Anyways, … 


Vemödalen: The Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done

I love this video – really got me thinking. When I am travelling I love to people watch. Airports are great for this because you see such diversity. I look at people form all walks of life and imagine what their lives are like. Students setting off on their first big solo trip, loving couples, …