Partner Workout

Day 2 of program Design today.

We started down the path of Energy System Training and when to use each one. This was really eye opening and once again it’s another thing that will help us upgrade the programming at CRAIC.

Lots to come.

Myself Glen and Erik did a partner workout today which was really cool.

It went like this

20min AMRAP
Athlete 1
12 Kettlebell Swings
12 Burpees
Athlete 2
Double Unders
Athlete 3

We each got through 6 rounds and judged our scores off DU’s
40, 63, 63, 66, 54, 60 =326
I had a rope malfunction during my first round which cost me a lot of reps but I probably still would have come last out of us 3 anyway.
My shoulders were burning really bad for a few mins afterwards. Combo of the Burpees and DU’s killed me.

Really cool workout – no stress – just fun

Food of the Day
6am – eggs + bacon
9am – jerky + nuts
2pm – chicken + sweet pot mash
8pm – lots of food! We ordered everything. 4 beers




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