I’ve just returned from trip to Thailand. I went out initially to get some jumping in before meeting up with a childhood friend but it didn’t work out in my favor. Mother Nature wouldn’t give me a break and I ended up spending 10 days wandering around the city finding perfect jumps but having no weather window to successfully pull any of them off. I busted my ass jumping the previous few weeks to get to #499 with the hope that my 500th would be out there but thats the name of the game.

At the end of the day the numbers don’t really mean anything within jumping. Each jump is extremely special in its own way and we can lose sight of that sometimes when in pursuit of a goal. Ambition and patience are both important, and it can be difficult to balance them both, but I’m learning all the time how to do it more effectively.
The last year of my life has pretty much been 100% committed to BASE. I cut out everything else and went all in with it. While it’s been an incredibly rewarding year this forced time away from it has given me some great insights.
Mainly along the lines of having true balance with other areas in life. I tend to go all in with things I’m doing for a certain period of time and because of that I neglect other areas. This has been my cycle for as long as I can remember. Having that be my cycle I have been able to experience a large number of things and I wouldn’t change it for the world.IMG_5827
I am however, now more aware of my behavior patterns than I ever have been before and that allows me to adjust a little moving forward.
What I’ve realized over the past month is that while I’m deeply involved in BASE I can also make time for other things and have some other pursuits to fall back on when I am unable to jump.
Having come from being able to jump anytime I want (for the most part) to being handcuffed into not I was extremely frustrated. I actually started feeling worthless, lazy, and unable to do anything else but dwell on the fact that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.
After leaving that city and finally accepting that I wasn’t going to get even one jump in we headed south and spent the next two weeks reading a shit ton, journaling on various topics, and going to yoga twice a day.

I feel like I’ve been able to come full circle and appreciate having some balance, and how much I love exercising and studying. When I’m exercising and studying regularly I feel very much at peace. I’ve kinda fallen off that over the last year as I adjusted to my new life of constant change.
I have a lot of ideas on how certain things are going to develop for me over the coming weeks, months, and potentially years, all the while focusing on the present moment as my main priority.
I’ll be sharing my thoughts on certain things here a little more frequently than I have been and I’m posting this mainlĀ to keep myself accountable.