Rest Day + a little reflection

I went down to Boston Harbor this morning to kick off the New Year by jumping in the freezing cold water with some of the boys from Craic. It was awesome. I was a little nervous before doing it but ever since the Death Race last year nothing like this seems bad in comparison. We all ended up going in twice. Each time I tried to sit in the water for a little bit just to get the full effect . It was a great thing to do as some recovery.

I feel great today and really want to workout but I’m going to be smart and rest and hit things hard tomorrow.


Looking back over the past year I have come a long way with my training. I took part in 6 competitions placing 3rd, 11th, 21st, 4th, 93rd (the Open) and 3rd. I ran a couple of 5k races, did the Spartan Sprint, Tough Mudder and survived 24hrs of the Death Race.

This year I expect a lot of the same and more. I plan on continuing to compete in as many local CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions as possible but my focus for the next 2 months or so will be towards the Open.

My ultimate goal this year is to qualify for regionals. Last year I was 30 places or so off making it. I am confident that this time around I am a better athlete with more experience than I had last year. I will be taking a somewhat different approach to how I tackle the WODs this year which I will explain as the time comes closer. For now my training will largely remain the same. I am addressing weaknesses and improving gradually.

The Deadlift has been a painstaking movement for me but the extra work I have been putting in is finally paying off as I saw yesterday. My next biggest area to start hammering is going to be the longer met conns – 10-15min and 15-20min range.

My favorite time domain is sub 5 which is the one which hurts the most but is over the quickest. This area is largely mental and just a matter of going. I guess the same is true for all the time domains of CrossFit (assuming the movements within a workout are not limiting factors) but I have not achieved the ability to maintain a constant work rate in the longer workouts YET.

One of my members had the privilege of meeting Rich Froning recently and he asked him if he had any tips. Froning told him something to the effect that once you realize you can push yourself through anything that everything gets a lot easier. I have said things to this effect many times and read tons of articles, books, and blogs saying the same thing but knowing something and putting it into practice are 2 completely different things.

The bulk of my prep for opens will continue to revolve around getting stronger and hitting short met conns but I will now begin to start throwing in longer WODs with low impact movements designed with the idea of continuous movement in mind. I have to constantly remember that I do not have to win any of the workouts, I just have to be consistently good at all of them.

Heres to a new year and one filled with success.




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