Sibu & KL

Fucking amazing few weeks. I wish I had been keeping better notes throughout the events because I’m at a loss for words. This year completely crushed last years events for me. I did a lot more jumps, didn’t get sick, and I’m home without injury so all good shit.

As with everything in life there is always some balance and for me that meant that pretty much everything I owed with a battery shit the bed on this trip. My MacBook died, 2 GoPros, snapped an SD card in half, my vape died, and my phone went crazy for a few days. Really frustrating but nothing was really a big deal. I’ll take all that over a broken leg or food poisoning.

I’ve no idea what happened to my computer – one morning it wouldn’t turn on and I went to 3 apple stores in KL and they all told me that I needed to send it off for diagnostics. Then magically it started working again when I got back to the US. Very strange.

For the event videos I decided to just make two edits and not have them be a part of the ‘official’ vlog. I figured if people wanted to share them at some point that they would be more likely to do so if it didn’t have a bunch of me talking in them. Having said that the last few videos I haven’t done any talking – I guess I’ve realized that I hate doing it so instead of reshooting a 30sec clip 10 times I’ll just let the videos do the talking.

Going to Malaysia to jump is such a privilege and I am extremely grateful that I have been allowed to attend these events twice. Hopefully I will be able to go again next year.

Two videos below – The KL one could have been soooooo much better if I did snap my SD and lose a day n a half of footage but it is what it is.

I’m back in Twin 2 days now, reality ant so bad when it all revolves around BASE. I got evicted from my place while I was away so lots to deal with over the next few weeks. I may or may not write more about that in next months post.