Sunday Funday

Day – 7

I decided to hit both Fridays and Saturdays Craic WOD’s today. I got Kevin O Malley to come along as well.

3 rounds for time
30 Pushups
21 Overhead Squats @ 115lbs

Awesome WOD. It was pretty hard but I was more gassed at the end than anything. It took me forever to recover. I got the first round unbroken then broke up all the pushups into very low sets but keeping the rest short and the 2nd + 3rd rounds of OHS were 11+10 and 12+8 respectively.
I was thinking about scaling the weight down to 95lbs for Squats but glad I didn’t.

I was wrecked after it and honestly if Kevin wasn’t there I probably would have packed it in.

Rest 10mins

15min Amrap
5 Box Jumps @24″
7 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135
9 Kettlebell Swings @ 70lbs

I was dying the whole way through this. I managed to do everything unbroken but I was taking huge rest breaks. I kinda felt a twinge in my right shoulder during the first round which didn’t escalate which was good. Looking back on the last week of training I’ve done a shit load of Handstand Pushups, Muscle ups, Jerks and today I did OHS and pushups so my shoulders are pretty spent.

Very good way to get back into things at Craic.

Food of the Day

7am – 5 eggs, onions, salsa, small piece of almond bread
12:40pm – post workout shake with protein + coconut milk
3pm – piece of flounder, salsa, small piece of almond bread
5pm – 2 salmon patties, broccoli, avocado
7pm – salmon patty, 2 eggs, onions, broccoli, small piece of almond bread
9pm – protein shake with a little coconut milk + 1/2 cup blueberries




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