Take Responsibility For Your Life

Taking responsibility for everything in your life is an extremely challenging habit to form. I’ve been working on this for years and it’s becoming more and more a part of me every day.

It all starts with the belief in yourself

Change your beliefs by educating yourself and saying empowering things to yourself over and over and over again. I use the affirmation ‘I am in control’ a lot. I use it before going into difficult business meetings, before workouts, before I jump, and in any area where I start to become scared. By repeating it over and over I start to believe it and what ever the result from whatever the situation I do my best to own it.

Changing your beliefs in relation to anything takes time and a lot of conscious effort but I think it’s better than blaming the world for your perceived short comings.

Mistakes, Failures, Misperceptions, Unattained goals – All my responsibility.

The world is always challenging me and every year the challenges seem to become bigger and harder to conquer but with each one that passes (they all pass) I become stronger.

Finding comfort in the uncomfortable is a never ending process.