Third Year of BASE

Another year down. I had no idea that this thing I wanted to just experience 3 years ago would end up completely consuming my life.

Now having made 657 BASE Jumps, owning 2 businesses that are sustained by BASE Jumping, and working for a BASE School it’s pretty safe to say that it’s my life.

And I only feel like I’m getting started. Three years is nothing. I love the progression and growth I continue to experience as time goes on and my only wish for the future is that I can continue doing the things I love and forming deeper relationships with those who are close to me.

We get one shot at life, and I like to think I am making the most of mine.

The video below is some of my jumps from the last 12 months. I’m really glad I started making these┬ávideos to document┬ámy progress over the years and to immortalize my journey.