This is my art.

Many philosophers have said that meditating on your own mortality is the key to absolute freedom. I find it unfortunate that I’ve had to put everything on the line over and over again to truly understand this and anytime I feel like I’m starting to get a grasp on things something happens and I feel like I’m beginning all over again. Having said that – that’s just the price you have to pay, and for now, it’s completely worth it.
Staying humble, and keeping a students mindset is the key to continued success in my eyes.

In my world you have to learn to love the triumph just as much as the tragedy as they go hand in hand.
Behind all the amazing experiences that are almost like dreams there is a cold, sobering balance to it all. You can be drinking coffee loving life one minute and a few hours later you’re sitting in a hospital room reassuring your buddy that everything’s going to be ok.

Sometimes everything is, sometimes you’re not there, you just get a phone call, or a txt, letting you know that your buddy is gone.

Dealing with these situations makes you stronger, and therein lies the benefit. One person gets hurt, or dies, and everyone around them has the opportunity to learn, and become stronger as a result.
Some people can’t handle it, and it breaks them. They take time off, or quit, but the game continues with or without them.
Every day I learn more, and I welcome the challenges that I get to deal with.

It might seem like having a post like this accompanying a beautiful video is like offering you an ice cream then punching you in the face when you reach for it. You’re welcome.
Dreams are just that – dreams – you always wake up to find that nothing is one sided.