Thursday 07.05.12

Long workout today.

Strength work always takes forever.

A) Deadlift@3010, 3-3-32-2-2
3@225lbs, 275lbs, 315lbs, 2@335lbs, 355lbs, 365lbs
These were really tough.

B) Power Clean 3@225lbs, 2@245, 1@275lbs
-felt solid on these and they actually felt really light after the slow DL’s

C) Power Snatch 3@185lbs, 2@205lbs, 1@215lbs – tied current PR
Really happy with this. The lift was a little sloppy – I jumped forward a little but still happy to be able to hit it after all the above

D) Push Press 5@215lbs, 3@225lbs, 5@225lbs, 3@235lbs
Pretty happy with this as well but I stepped forward on the last rep at 235. I’m not going to count it as a true 3RM because of that but it’ll be a good reference point.

E) 100 Ring Push-ups for time: 9:34 – really tough. I did the first 20 unbroken then hit a wall. I got a couple sets of 10 but mostly 5’s 3’s + 2’s.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow

Food of the Day
6am – 5 eggs, bacon
11:30am – PWO
1pm – cobb salad
4pm – Cobb Salad
7pm – fish + asparagus




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