Two Years Deep

Two years have passed since I made my first BASE jump and since then it has gradually taken over every aspect of my life. A few days ago I was trekking through the desert on the way back from a jump and I heard the person in front of me sigh and say to themselves ‘Fuck, I don’t wanna go to work on Monday’ – I said nothing in the moment but took a deep breath myself and thought about how just a year ago I was thinking the same thing while on jumping trips.

The transition to doing this full time was extremely difficult, and filled with sacrifices, which still continue to this day, but as they say – everything has a price, and nothing worth having comes easy. Now being in the position where I am actually inspiring others to come deeper into this world is an amazing feeling and I constantly have to pinch myself.

I am truly of the belief that inner peace will come from following your heart 100% – I’ve joked with people recently that I may as well be a monk up in the mountains of Tibet because of how I feel overall at the moment. The medium from  which you can achieve peace could come from anything, the activity or pursuit is not important, it’s what you get out of it.

2 years down and who knows how many to go. My path in life has changed multiple times over the past few years and I will continue to constantly adapt and grow as the changes come.

Always learning, Always growing.