The past four months have been busy to say the least. After Europe we spent most of October in Thailand climbing and jumping. I went to an event in Ecuador at the beginning of November then spent the rest of the month in MOAB for Turkey Boogie. In December we went to New Zealand for a few weeks then bounced around the US between Cali, Idaho, Texas, and Colorado. Sooooo yeah, lots going on 😉

If nothing more than to keep up with the chaos myself I want to make an effort to post on here more often. Life is pretty great right now and I don’t want to take a second of it for granted. Each of the above trips deserves its own post and they were all independently amazing in their own ways.

We also just bought a house in Twin Falls! More on that to come very soon 🙂

Here’s a couple of videos. I’m currently working on the New Zealand one.