Wednesday 06.23.10

103 unbroken double unders!!!!! Cracked my goal of making 100! I was pretty shocked at this. I literally walked into the gym took my shoes off and decided to jump rope as part of the warmup and busted out the 103 first shot!

The last 7 days have been really good training wise. I’ve PR’d on squat cleans, overhead squat, Fran and Cindy and now this today. Pretty good week for me!

The rest of my warmup was just the usual arm + leg swings.

5 @ 225 , 275 , 275 then a few singles @ 315.
I’m having a really hard time keeping my back flat during deads at the moment. I’m probably being super anal about my form but I want it to be really good. I video taped each set and watched it back to check my form and what needs adjusting etc.

Bench Press
5 @ 135 , 155 , 165 ,
3 @ 185 then failed on the 4th rep.
This is something which you should def have a spotter for ! I had to roll the bar down my stomach to get it off!
Kinda funny but not really.

rest 3 mins

1 turkish get up each side with 100lb dumbbell. I’ve done this before but I wanted to do em again as its been a while. Once again this is yet ANOTHER thing I’d like to work on a little more.

rest 2 mins then
3 rounds
10 KTE
10 back extentions

good stretch for cool down.

Nice bit of strength today as a recovery from Fran.




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